Networking Tip: Meet a Referral Partner with a Similar Target Market

Strategic Business Networking TipWhen you go to a networking event do you set an intention? Is that intention to meet a potential client, a prospect, or even to do some business? I would say many people do have that intent when going to a networking event.

Now let’s look at the reverse. Have you ever set the intent to buy something while at the networking event? Do you network to find a financial advisor, a business coach, or even potentially meet your next stylist? Likely not.

Most people go to a networking event with the intent to sell and yet no one comes with the intent to buy! And people wonder about the value of networking.

Networking is a process of developing and using contacts to increase your business, enhance your knowledge, expand your sphere of influence, or serve the community. Networking is not about direct prospecting.

It’s about building relationships. The power of networking is not just about the people in the room, it’s about the people those people know and connecting the people outside the room with the people in the room. The average person knows 250-500 people. With just 30 people in the room there is the possibility to reach 7500 to 15000!

Here’s the hot tip: look to meet potential Referral Partners.

Look for people that you can build a referral relationship with who have a shared or similar Target Market. These relationships can take your business to the point of not needing to look for more business. Why look for a golden egg or two when you can find the golden goose?

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