Collaborating, The Triple Win, and Pitbull

Malibu beach toes 2 (2)In preparing for my road trip to a friend’s wedding in Malibu, I created a playlist of upbeat songs to get me through the long drive on I-5. As I selected songs, I noticed that I was choosing a lot of songs that featured artist Pitbull. This guy has collaborated with all kinds of amazing singers! Just to list a few: J Lo, Christina Aguillera, Enrique Iglesias, Ne-yo, David Guetta, Usher, T-Pain, Jimmy Buffet, Shakira, and LMFAO. While you may not know who all those artists, you have surly heard of at least one!

Pitbull – also known as “Mr. Woldwide” – is a master of collaboration! On his most recent album, Global Warming, nearly every song collaborates with another famous artist. This is genius. Each collaboration gives him a much broader exposure to the marketplace because all the other artist’s fans are now much more aware of him! Pitbull explained that, much like the phenomenon of global warming, he’s been around for a while but suddenly, people are paying attention; and that’s how he named this album.

Collaboration is an under-used tactic in referral marketing. There are many benefits when you combine efforts with another, like minded, business professional. You can more than double your exposure as well as create a new spin on your work. Collaboration can create a fresh perspective, expand on an idea, create new products, and (did I mention?) get your message out to a larger audience. If you want to have more exposure for your business and have more fun in the process, then collaborating is for you!

One of my referral partners, Cyndee Paulson-Heer, and I put together a collaborative program recently. Cyndee is the founder of The Enchanted Business Woman™ networking group. We share many values and goals for the participants of our events and we decided we wanted to collaborate. Our brainstorming came up with the “Strategic Introductions” program. I have tons of content on how to introduce yourself at a networking event, including several strategies to generate more referrals from simple introductions and the members of The Enchanted Business Woman™ could benefit from this information. This introduces Cyndee’s concept of the Triple Win. It’s a win for me, because I get to be in front of a new audience and demonstrate the value of working with me to grow their businesses. It’s a win for Cyndee because a better trained member will get greater results and be more satisfied with their membership. And it’s a win for the participants because they get a workshop where they walk out with immediately implementable introductions and strategies to use to get more referrals for their business.

Are you seeing the value of collaboration? Here are some steps and tips for getting started:

  • Look at your referral network to see who might be a good fit. Select someone you trust, someone who will pursue goals with as much energy as you.
  • Make sure you share values, beliefs, and goals to make for an easier partnership.
  • Meet with prospective collaboration partners and discuss ideas. What needs and resources do you have and can share?
  • Create a framework for the partnership: what resources you will share, how you will share them, and for how long. Try something small before establishing an extensive or long term commitment.
  • Be clear about what you and your partner want and expect from each other.
  • Make sure you create a “Triple Win” scenario. It’s a win for you, it’s a win for your partner, and it’s a win for your audience/participants.


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The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret, Ivan Misner, Ph.D, and Mike Macedonio

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