Best Books for Networking and Referrals

I don’t know about you, but I never took a course in college on how to network or how to grow my business by referral. Since 1997 I have been networking and growing my business by referral, gathering information along the way from many different mentors, trainings, books, and seminars. Here are some of my absolute favorite books on networking and referrals that I recommend, even if you have already read them!

World’s Best Known Marketing Secret

WBKMS2This is my networking and referrals bible. It used to be two books, Business By Referral and World’s Best Known Marketing Secret. A few years ago Ivan and Mike combined the two books and updated the already powerful information so that your referral marketing soars! To summarize this book is impossible it is so rich with information. It’s the Masters’ course in referral marketing taking you from your introduction, organizing your database, evaluating your networks, building your referral team, activating your network, the networking scorecard, and so much more. This is everything you need to know to build a strong referral based business.

29PS29% Solution

This book starts of de-bunking the myth that there are only six people between us and anyone else and then shows you how you can be a part of the 29% who can connect to anyone in the world by 6 degrees. With 52 weekly strategies this is a fun and easy book for building your networking and referrals in bite sized weekly pieces. I love this book because it gives you specific actions for every week making for easy implementation and results.

How To Work A Room

HtWRThe 25th Anniversary Edition of Susan Roane’s classic came out in January, 2014. This was probably the first book I read on networking. If you’ve never met Susan, or have seen her speak, she is a hoot, a ball of energy, hilarious, and wise. Her book is of the same vein. In very practical terms, she answers everything from how do I remember names, meet the CEO, and get the courage to even walk into a networking event. This is a must read on exactly what the title states: how to work a room.

7LThe 7 Levels of Communication

This book is a look at what the daily life of a referral based business owner would lead. Told as a story format with lessons along the way, this is an easy read. I like how it really shows some of the simplicity of building referral relationships and building a business by referral.

Room Full of Referrals

RFoRReferrals come from other people so the more we can understand and communicate with people, the better referral relationships we can develop. Many of us have had some exposure to behavioral styles, be it DISC, Myers Briggs, or something on the internet. This book shows you, first, how to understand the different behavioral styles as they relate to networking and referrals; and second, how to use this information to easily relate to people in networking situations and build deeper referral relationships. You will learn how to earn trust, loyalty, and referrals in lightening speed!

-Maile Collmer

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