5 Steps to Referral Team Success!

In order to earn higher quality referrals on a regular basis, it’s important to build relationships with the people who can give those referrals to you! I call these people my Referral Team and I keep a list of my top 12 at all times.

Here are 5 Steps to Referral Team Success!

  1. Look at your Top 12 Referral Team list, DAILY! When our referral team is top of mind, we are more likely to do things on their behalf that will help us build the relationship and earn more referrals for them. When they’re on the top of our mind, we become on the top of their mind – gaining more referrals!
  2. Plan your strategy. How much time should you spend in what type of activities? Here are 3 suggested easy and fun options that will get you effective results:
    1. “1 + 2 + 1” This means 1 hour of “How are you” calls – calls to keep in touch with your wider referral network. The main focus of the call is to deepen the relationship. The more often you stay in communication with your network, the more opportunities to connect people with products and services that will help them solve their problems and enhance their lives. The 2 is for having 2 one-to-one meeting with someone in your network. Again, the main focus of the one-to-one is to deepen the relationship. On every one-to-one, ask the question, “How can I help you?” and make sure you get an answer so you can indeed help them! The final 1 is for 1 hour of follow up activity. From your calls and one-to-ones, there will be connections, invitations, and other referral activities to follow up on. This is the minimum standard for building a referral based business.
    2. “2 + 4 + 2” Following the description above, now we’re just doubling it. I highly recommend this formula for maintaining a strong referral based business. Ivan R. Misner, PhD recommends 8 or more hours per week of referral marketing if sales is part of what you do for your business.
    3. “4 + 8 + 4” Is what I recommend to clients who have a launch or a big event in their business coming up, if their business is seasonal, or if they have more time than clients. Here’s what Ivan says in The 29% Solution: “If you want to build a referral based business, and most of your job involves sales, then your networking efforts should represent more than half of your time (yes, over twenty hours per week).”
  3. Referral Relationships CloudCalendar it! If it’s not on your calendar, it doesn’t exist! When will you be doing relationship and referral generating activities with and for your Referral Team? Put it in your calendar! Block out time for your calls, your one-to-ones, and your follow up activities.
  4. Record and celebrate! As smart business professionals, we want to track our activities and our results. When we track, we see how we’re progressing, and what activities with what referral sources produce the biggest results. Where are your referrals coming from? Make sure you celebrate your successes and thank your referral sources!
  5. Be accountable. Sometimes when we are the only one holding ourselves accountable, there isn’t quite the same feeling of accomplishment. Or sometimes we let our commitment to our goals slide a little. Find a coach or an accountability partner to help you hold your activity goals in high regard, help keep your motivation, have some support, and have someone to celebrate with!

By repeating these simple 5 steps, you will increase your referral marketing skills and your results. Referral marketing is a fun and effective way to help others and experience more success!

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