Mastering your calendar allows you to schedule your business success and honor you appointments.

5 Fundamentals for a Focused Fall

Let’s Get Intentional! As fall is in full swing, the kids are back in school, football is in full season, and business owners are back to business, it’s time to get intentional about what we do with our time. Here are 5 fundamentals for a focused fall: Schedule your business development activities. Small business owners, […]

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Agreements General

Agreements: The Standards We Set for Ourselves that Make Us Referable … or Not!

When I work with a small group of business professionals in my Certified Networker® program one of the first things we do is set some “Agreements” with each other. The setting of Agreements creates a collaborative and inclusive learning environment, a certain level of comfort so we are able to have ideas flow and people […]

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Clean One Step

Micro Steps to Macro Results

Do you ever feel like your to-do list only gets longer? There is a lot to-do as a business owner! Sometimes our list seems never ending. How do we keep from treading water and barely keeping our head up, to actually making substantial progress towards our goals and dreams? Making big strides in our business, […]

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Your Contact Sphere is made up of connected - without competing - professions with a similar target market.

Where Do the Best Referrals Come From?

There comes a time when business owners, entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, and commissioned sales people reach a point of exhaustion and exasperation with all the time they spend networking for business without getting the results they really desire. Networking can become an overwhelming part of the calendar. They realize that after investing so much time at […]

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Be in Control of Your Business Time

It seems today people are busier than ever. I hear business owners struggling with their time and sounding like it’s something that is out of their control. They get in a reactionary mode and can lead to a sense of overwhelm. We all struggle with moments of feeling pressed for time. However, having a proactive […]

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Invitations: Creating Trust, Building Influence

When growing a referral network it’s important to grow relationships both wide and deep. Inviting is one of the relationship builders that does both while building influence in your network and community. A personal invitation shows that you are thinking of them and you want to spend more time together. And time is a key […]

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