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How to Get More Referrals: Trust

There are many strategies, tools, and techniques that I help my clients with to generate more business through referral marketing. None of them as important as this first step: Trust. Any good relationship needs trust; the referral relationship, however, lives and dies with trust. After all, you would not send your best client to someone […]

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Doing Business with Friends

I was watching Rich Kids of Beverly Hills the other night and the story line had me thinking of the referral process. The conflict in the episode was actually a referral issue. Dorothy buys a condo at The Century for $3.2M and needs decor. One of the friends in her circle is Roxy, an interior […]

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How To Get More Referrals: Be Referable

One of the questions I get is, “how do I get more referrals?” Sometimes the question is posed like, “I’ve been networking and I’m not getting any business, can you recommend another network that might be better for me?” The first thing I ask myself: “Is this person referable?” All the referral strategy in the […]

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The Squared Connection Effect

“Why accept mediocrity when excellence is an option?” This is the first question Dr. Ivan Misner asked the 200 member audience at the 2014 Referrals For Life® Day that really caught my attention. The question posed hit me to my core. This is a question that is part of who I am. Ivan continued on […]

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So What Do You Do?

Have you ever dreaded going to a networking event? Maybe you weren’t sure who was going to be there or who you would talk to, or even, what you would say? Having a message for your business planned out and ready for a networking event can certainly calm some of the anxiety. How do you answer the […]

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